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Job Description:

  • 1) Specifies types of packing materials, crating, containerization, and special handling procedures for shipping or storing art objects, scientific specimens, and historical artifacts to minimize damage and deterioration: Confers with curatorial personnel regarding status of museum projects and proposed shipping or transfer dates of exhibitions.

  • 2) Develops methods and procedures for packing or containerization of art objects, according to weight and characteristics of shipment.

  • 3) Selects protective or preservative materials, such as excelsior, chemical agents, or moistureproof wrapping, to protect shipment against vibration, moisture, impact, or other hazards.

  • 4) Designs special crates, modules, brackets, and traveling frames to meet insurance and museum shipping specifications.

  • 5) Shapes and contours internal support modules, based on size and type of paintings, sculptures, bronzes, glass, and other art objects.

  • 6) Directs workers engaged in moving art objects from receiving or storage areas to galleries of museum, in packing shipments, or in rigging sculptures for installation of exhibition.

  • 7) Inspects incoming shipment to detect damages for insurance purposes.

  • 8) Keeps records and documents of incoming and outgoing shipments, or location of traveling exhibitions and loan materials.

  • 9) Prepares and attaches written or pictorial instructions for unpacking, storage, or for exhibition of contents of shipment.

  • 10) May specify type of carrier, such as barge, train, or messenger according to cost considerations and nature of shipment.




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