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Job Description:

  • 1) Operates motion picture projector to inspect home movie film and visually examines slides for defects to determine need for reprocessing and repair: Randomly selects specified number of home movie reels and inserts reels in magazine of projector.

  • 2) Threads film through projector onto take-up reel.

  • 3) Starts projector and adjusts lens to focus image on screen.

  • 4) Examines projected image to detect defective exposure or color density and presence of scratches or foreign matter.

  • 5) Records findings on quality control sheet and notifies processing department personnel regarding need for machine adjustments or customer regarding defective camera lens.

  • 6) Measures width of film to determine accuracy of slitting, using precision measuring instrument, and notifies slitting department personnel when width is not within specified tolerances.

  • 7) Examines specified number of randomly selected photographic slides to detect scratches or defects in color density, accuracy, and exposure.

  • 8) Records type defect and reprocessing required on quality control form and routes form and defective slides to processing department.

  • 9) Conveys acceptable reels and slides to packaging department.

  • 10) Collects daily reports from production personnel, totals production figures, and calculates production averages to determine whether quotas have been met.




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