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Job Description:

  • 1) Installs, programs, and repairs robots and related equipment, such as programmable controllers, robot controllers, end-of-arm tools, conveyors, and parts orienters, applying knowledge of electronics, electrical circuits, mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics, and programming, using power tools, handtools, and testing instruments and following manuals, schematic diagrams, and blueprints: Reviews work order and related manuals, blueprints, and schematic diagrams to determine tasks to be performed and tools, equipment, and parts needed for installation of repair assignment.

  • 2) Discusses assignment with customer's representative and inspects installation site to verify that electrical supply wires, conduit, switches, and circuit breakers are installed according to specifications.

  • 3) Positions and secures robot and related equipment to floor, assisted by customer's staff, using crane, handtools, and power tools and following manuals and blueprints, or inspects installation site to ensure that robot has been installed according to specifications.

  • 4) Attaches electrical wires to robot controller and programmable controller and connects cables between robot, robot controller, programmable controller, and hydraulic power unit, using handtools.

  • 5) Connects hoses between hydraulic power unit and robot, using handtools.

  • 6) Verifies that electrical power is reaching robot and that voltage is as specified, using testing instruments.

  • 7) Pushes buttons, flips switches, and moves levers to start robot and related equipment to verify that operation is as specified.

  • 8) Programs robot to perform specified tasks, applying knowledge of programming language, using teach pendant and keyboard or control panel on robot controller.

  • 9) Modifies program to refine movement of robot, using teach pendant.

  • 10) Observes and listens to robot and related equipment to detect malfunction and repairs or replaces defective parts, using handtools and power tools.

  • 11) Tests electrical components, such as wiring, switches, and relays, using testing instruments, and replaces faulty components, using handtools.

  • 12) Locates and replaces faulty printed circuit boards in robot controller, applying knowledge of circuit board function, using computer display screen on robot controller and following schematic diagram.

  • 13) May train customer's staff in operation of robot and related equipment.

  • 14) May install electric or pneumatic end-of-arm tools on robot.

  • 15) May repair faulty printed circuit boards.




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End Of Job Description for: "FIELD SERVICE TECHNICIAN"
DOT:   638.261-026

Job Number: 3863