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Job Description:

  • 1) Negotiates contracts with growers to raise or purchase crops, such as fruits and vegetables, performing any combination of the following duties: Contacts grower to negotiate contracts and to explain terms and conditions of contract and contractual responsibilities.

  • 2) Determines production possibilities of land by studying data, such as history of crop rotation, type and fertility of soil, location, topography, and irrigation facilities.

  • 3) Negotiates amount of acreage to be planted or purchased and selects fields to be planted.

  • 4) Advises grower on preparing land, planting, cultivating, thinning, harvesting, and related problems.

  • 5) Supplies seed and fertilizer.

  • 6) May estimate crop yield.

  • 7) Arranges for financing and advances funds to purchase supplies and equipment or services of contractor.

  • 8) May arrange for loans of company-owned machinery.

  • 9) Arranges for transportation of crops to processing plants.

  • 10) Inspects growing crops for evidence of disease and insect damage and recommends corrective measures.

  • 11) May assist in recruiting extra labor during peak seasons.

  • 12) May conduct lectures for farm groups on specific phases of agricultural activities.

  • 13) May write articles for publication and for scientific groups.

  • 14) May specialize in one crop and be designated according to crop bought.




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