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Job Description:

  • 1) Performs any combination of following duties to fabricate fiberglass air containers used in hydraulic systems: Assembles hemispherical mold or mandrel sections of lead alloy to form sphere.

  • 2) Covers sphere with rubber-liner halves and cements halves together.

  • 3) Examines rubber covering for defects.

  • 4) Attaches threaded fittings onto rubber lining at top and bottom of sphere.

  • 5) Inserts shaft through fitting opening into sphere and screws into place, using wrench.

  • 6) Weighs resin and catalyst in specified amounts and mixes them with agitator.

  • 7) Mounts sphere in winding machine and applies resin to surface, using brush.

  • 8) Starts machine that winds fiberglass yarn around sphere.

  • 9) Measures tension of fiberglass using tensiometer, and adjusts tension arm.

  • 10) Removes and weighs fiberglass-covered sphere.

  • 11) Records weight on production sheet.

  • 12) Places covered spheres in electric oven to bake and dry for specified time.

  • 13) Removes and weighs spheres.

  • 14) Mounts spheres on steam unit to melt and remove mold.

  • 15) Turns valve to admit steam into sphere.

  • 16) Turns spigot to discharge molten alloy.

  • 17) Weighs sphere and records weight.

  • 18) Performs hydrostatic tests on completed spherical containers at various pressures.

  • 19) Connects fitting on container to water pipe in safety tank.

  • 20) Turns water valves and starts pump to increase pressure in container to specified level.




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DOT:   579.584-010

Job Number: 3848