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Job Description:

  • 1) Controls fermentation process of sweet or sour mash inoculated with yeast to produce fermented mash for use in distillation of distilled liquors: Pumps specified number of gallons of cooked mash and yeast into fermentation tank, simultaneously, to ensure that mash and yeast are thoroughly mixed together.

  • 2) Opens valves to admit specified number of gallons of water into mixture, according to formula.

  • 3) Opens valves to circulate steam through coil pipes in tank to heat mixture to prescribed temperature.

  • 4) Turns valves to admit and control air pressure that agitates mixture as it ferments or to accelerate chemical reaction of yeast.

  • 5) Observes gauges or dials to ascertain that prescribed temperature and gas pressure are remaining constant in tank.

  • 6) Tests mash at prescribed intervals to determine temperature and specific gravity, using thermometer and alcohol-proof hydrometer.

  • 7) Compares test results with standard charts to determine when mixture is fully cooked.

  • 8) Regulates steam, air, and gas pressure in tank to ensure that chemical reaction of yeast and fermentation process is taking place, according to formula.

  • 9) Pumps sour mash into cistern tank, preparatory to distilling.

  • 10) Cleans tanks by rinsing them with water.




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