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Job Description:

  • 1) Performs any combination of following duties to feed or off bear farm machines used to plant, harvest, and clean crops: Loads containers of rooted cuttings, plants, seedlings, or bulbs on planting machine and pulls levers to start planting and watering mechanisms.

  • 2) Walks beside or rides on machine while inserting plants in planter-mechanism clamp, pocket, or tube at specified intervals.

  • 3) Dumps, pitches, scoops, or shovels materials and products, such as bulbs, onions, and nuts into feed hopper.

  • 4) Guides plants onto feed conveyor.

  • 5) Picks up spilled products and places them on feed mechanism.

  • 6) Notifies designated coworker when machine malfunctions are observed.

  • 7) Stacks empty boxes in conveyor discharge rack or hangs bags on hooks under discharge chute, and flips baffle lever that channels discharge flow to catch products.

  • 8) Closes ends of filled sacks, using tie wires.

  • 9) Loads sacks or boxes onto truck or trailer, or guides discharge spout over truck, trailer, or silo.

  • 10) Cleans machinery, such as planting or digging mechanism and chain conveyor.

  • 11) Lubricates, adjusts, and replaces machinery parts, using handtools.




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