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Job Description:

  • 1) Performs any combination of following tasks on dairy farm: Washes and sprays cows with water, insecticides, and repellants.

  • 2) Flushes, brushes, and scrapes refuse from walls and floors to minimize infestation.

  • 3) Examines cows and reports estrus, injuries, and disease to supervisor.

  • 4) Administers prescribed treatments and reports problems requiring veterinary attention to supervisor.

  • 5) Weighs, loads, mixes, and distributes feed.

  • 6) Replaces bedding in stalls.

  • 7) Herds cows from milking parlor to pasture.

  • 8) Loads animals to be sold onto trucks.

  • 9) Cleans and sterilizes milk containers and equipment, and tends pumps that automatically clean milk pipelines.

  • 10) Milks cows by hand and using milking machine.

  • 11) Cultivates, harvests, and stores feed crops, using farm equipment, such as trucks and tractors.

  • 12) May build and maintain fences and farm facilities.

  • 13) May repair and lubricate equipment and machinery.

  • 14) May maintain data, such as breeding and cost records.




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