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Job Description:

  • 1) Tends machines, such as corn shelling machine, winnowing machine, and grass-removing machine that separate crops from waste materials, such as grass, twigs, and cobs: Turns switches to activate machinery, such as conveyors, blowers, and shakers.

  • 2) Adjusts machinery to obtain optimum separations.

  • 3) Loads conveyors, hoppers, and wheels to feed machines.

  • 4) Positions boxes or attaches bags at discharge end of conveyor to catch products.

  • 5) Moves baffle lever that channels product flow to container or stops flow during container exchanges.

  • 6) Observes machine operation to detect malfunctions and adjusts machine, lubricates parts, and replaces pieces to improve performance.

  • 7) Stops machinery and pulls debris or overloads from conveyors to avoid clogging.

  • 8) May level and smooth materials on conveyor to regulate flow through machine.

  • 9) May weigh containers to ensure conformance with specifications.

  • 10) May close filled sacks, using needle and thread or tie-string, and stencil identifying information on sack.

  • 11) May mix and pour chemical solutions, such as preservatives and insecticides, in treating tanks.

  • 12) May transport materials and products to and from machine, using dump truck.

  • 13) May be identified with machine tended.




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Job Number: 3770