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Job Description:

  • 1) Feeds candy processing and packaging machines and performs any combination of following tasks in candy manufacturing establishment, working individually or as interchangeable member of crew: Feeds one or more candy processing or packaging machines.

  • 2) Off bears, separates, counts, or culls finished or unfinished confectionery items and ingredients.

  • 3) Transfers molds, trays of candy, and supplies between storage, processing, and packing areas, using dolly or handtruck.

  • 4) Fills bags with bulk items, inserts toys or prizes in containers, and packs, labels, or wraps cartons for shipment.

  • 5) Assembles or forms confectionery items on assembly line or table, performing duties, such as pressing candy onto wafers to make candy waffles, and sprinkling sugar onto gum candy prior to cutting.

  • 6) Empties, cleans, or brushes molds, trays, utensils, containers, and equipment used in cooking, forming, and cooling candy.

  • 7) May be designated according to equipment fed as Raisin-Separator Operator; worker assisted as Coating-Machine Helper; material or product handled as Scrapper; or specific task as Steamer, Gum Candy; Vanilla-Chocolate-Coin Counter.

  • 8) When filling trays or vats with melted chocolate, fondant, or icing to facilitate work of hand dippers, is designated Table Filler.

  • 9) May be designated: Candy-Bar-Core Inspector; Candy Catcher; Candy Separator, Hard; Candy-Spreader Helper; Candy-Waffle Assembler; Caramel-Cutter Helper; Cut-Roll-Machine Offbearer; Cutting-Machine-Operator Helper; Lozenge-Maker Helper; Marshmallow Packer; Pan Washer, Hand; Sanding-Machine Operator Helper; Syrup Crystallizer; Spinner Helper; Sugar-Coating Hand; Toy Sorter.




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End Of Job Description for: "FACTORY HELPER"
DOT:   529.686-034

Job Number: 3750