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Job Description:

  • 1) Sets up and operates extrusion press to shape hot billets into products, such as bars, tubing, structural shapes, and rods: Installs dies, mandrels, containers, heating coils, press tools, extrusion heads, and run-out bridging in press, according to size and type of product, using handtools.

  • 2) Removes billet from furnace when color indicates specified temperature and guides it along extrusion press conveyor onto press bed, and into billet container, using tongs.

  • 3) Starts ram that spreads billet into container and forces it through press.

  • 4) Regulates rate of extrusion to prevent metal rupture and adherence of metal to container walls.

  • 5) Starts press run-out table and butt shears to guide extrusion from press, and to trim flash.

  • 6) Pulls extrusion along conveyor to racking table.

  • 7) Sprays die with lubricant and caustic, and oils blocks and mandrels.

  • 8) Records data, such as crew time, number of billets used, and items processed.

  • 9) May operate extrusion press equipped with furnace that ejects hot billets into press chamber for ram to force through die.

  • 10) May set up and operate extrusion press to shape hot, radioactive uranium fuel elements.




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