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Job Description:

  • 1) Scores, folds, glues, and assembles precut cardboard blanks and cloth tape to make expanding envelopes, performing any combination of following tasks: Glues cloth tape to edges of strips of cardboard to reinforce expanding side pieces of envelopes.

  • 2) Scores cardboard strips, using hand operated scoring machine or handtool, and bends gussets along scored lines to make accordion fold and attachment flaps.

  • 3) Scores and folds cardboard lining blanks along edges to make surface for attachment of gussets.

  • 4) Feeds lining blanks into machine that gums edges or spreads glue on edges with brush.

  • 5) Positions gummed lining edges and gusset flaps together on forming block and places them in screw press or feeds them under roller press to seal them together.

  • 6) Feeds envelope front and back sections into glue spreading machine to coat edges with glue and assembles sections with gussets and linings on wood form to complete expanding envelope.

  • 7) May be designated according to part produced as Gusset Maker; or according to type of envelope as Five-Piece-Expansion Maker, Hand; One-Piece-Expansion Maker, Hand.




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End Of Job Description for: "EXPANSION ENVELOPE MAKER, HAND"
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Job Number: 3674