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Job Description:

  • 1) Produces artwork for use in permanent or temporary exhibit settings of museum, zoo, or similar establishment, performing any combination of following duties to prepare exhibit setting and accessories for installation: Confers with professional museum personnel to discuss objectives of exhibits and type of artwork needed.

  • 2) Makes scale drawing of exhibit design, indicating size, position, and general outlines of artwork needed for use of installation and other fabrication personnel.

  • 3) Paints scenic, panoramic, or abstract composition on canvas, board, burlap, or other material to be used as background or component of exhibit, following layout prepared by designer.

  • 4) Paints or stencils exhibit titles and legends on boards, or cuts letters from plastic or plywood to form title and legend copy, and mounts letters on panel or board, using adhesives or handtools.

  • 5) Photographs persons, artifacts, scenes, plants, or other objects, and develops negatives to obtain prints to be used in exhibits.

  • 6) Enlarges, intensifies, or otherwise modifies prints, according to exhibit design specifications.

  • 7) Fashions exhibit accessories, such as human figures, tree parts, or relief maps, from clay, plastic, wood, fiberglass, papier mache, or other materials, using hands, handtools, or molding equipment to cut, carve, scrape, mold, or otherwise shape material to specified dimensions.

  • 8) Brushes or sprays protective or decorative finish on completed background panels, informational legends, and exhibit accessories.

  • 9) Maintains files of photographs, paintings, and accessories for use in exhibits.




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