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Job Description:

  • 1) Develops, implements, and coordinates exercise programs and administers medical tests, under physician's supervision, to program participants to promote physical fitness: Explains program and test procedures to participant.

  • 2) Interviews participant to obtain vital statistics and medical history and records information.

  • 3) Records heart activity, using electrocardiograph machine, while participant undergoes stress test on treadmill, under physician's supervision.

  • 4) Measures oxygen consumption and lung functioning, using spirometer.

  • 5) Measures amount of fat in body, using such equipment as hydrostatic scale, skinfold calipers, and tape measure, to assess body composition.

  • 6) Performs routine laboratory test of blood samples for cholesterol level and glucose tolerance, or interprets test results.

  • 7) Schedules other examinations and tests, such as physical examination, chest x ray, and urinalysis.

  • 8) Records test data in patient's chart or enters data into computer.

  • 9) Writes initial and follow-up exercise prescriptions for participants, following physician's recommendation, specifying equipment, such as treadmill, track, or bike.

  • 10) Demonstrates correct use of exercise equipment and exercise routines.

  • 11) Conducts individual and group aerobic, strength, and flexibility exercises.

  • 12) Observes participants during exercise for signs of stress.

  • 13) Teaches behavior modification classes, such as stress management, weight control, and related subjects.

  • 14) Orders material and supplies and calibrates equipment.

  • 15) May supervise work activities of other staff members.




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