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Job Description:

  • 1) Controls single-stage or multiple-effect evaporators to concentrate chemical solutions to specified density by evaporation: Starts pumps and turns valves to admit liquid solution, steam, and cooling water into system.

  • 2) Observes temperature, pressure, and vacuum gauge readings and adjusts pumps to conform to specifications.

  • 3) Turns feed valves to regulate flow of solution through system and to obtain specified concentration.

  • 4) Tests solution pumped from last effect, using hydrometer, to ascertain that solution is concentrated to specified density.

  • 5) Observes manometers and looks through sight glass to ensure that steam vapors are not carried to next effect with solution.

  • 6) Tests steam condensate with reagents to detect contaminated solution.

  • 7) May control equipment from instrumented control board.

  • 8) May tend equipment, such as preheaters, thickeners, settlers, and filters, that prepare solution for evaporation.

  • 9) May clean evaporator shell and tube nest with chemical to remove scale.

  • 10) May operate multiple-effect unit as one or more single evaporators.




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