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Job Description:

  • 1) Etches metal photographic plates to produce photoengraved printing plates, using etching machines, handtools, and chemicals: Mixes caustic or acid solutions according to type metal plate being etched.

  • 2) Brushes protective solution on back and edges of metal plate to protect plate during etching process.

  • 3) Brushes protective powder over photographic emulsion on plate to protect printing design.

  • 4) Bakes plate to adhere powder to design, using gas heating plate.

  • 5) Mounts plate in etching machine and starts machine that sprays acid or caustic solution against plate to etch areas not protected by resist solution or powder.

  • 6) Removes and measures plate to determine depth of etching, using depth gauge, and remounts plate in machine when etching has not attained specified depth.

  • 7) Washes and scrubs etched plates to remove resist solutions and photographic emulsion, using brush and caustic solution.

  • 8) Dries plates, using chamois cloth.

  • 9) Matches colors with original artwork of multicolor photographic plates to produce balanced color valves, applying knowledge of photographic printing process.

  • 10) May weigh plates before and after etching to determine amounts of etching solutions to be added to machine, using scales.

  • 11) May be designated according to type of plate etched as Copper Etcher; Zinc Etcher.




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