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Job Description:

  • 1) Plans, directs, and conducts studies concerned with incidence of disease in industrial settings and effects of industrial chemicals on health: Confers with industry representatives to select occupational groups for study and to arrange for collection of data concerning work history of individuals and disease concentration and mortality rates among groups.

  • 2) Plans methods of conducting epidemiological studies and provides detailed specifications for collecting data to personnel participating in studies.

  • 3) Develops codes to facilitate computer input of demographic and epidemiological data for use by data processing personnel engaged in programming epidemiological statistics.

  • 4) Compares statistics on causes of death among members of selected working populations with those among general population, using life-table analyses.

  • 5) Analyzes data collected to determine probable effects of work settings and activities on disease and mortality rates, using valid statistical techniques and knowledge of epidemiology.

  • 6) Presents data in designated statistical format to illustrate common patterns among workers in selected occupations.

  • 7) Initiates and maintains contacts with statistical and data processing managers in other agencies to maintain access to epidemiological source materials.

  • 8) Evaluates materials from all sources for addition to or amendment of epidemiological data bank.

  • 9) Plans and directs activities of clerical and statistical personnel engaged in tabulation and analysis of epidemiological information to ensure accomplishment of objectives.




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DOT:   041.167-010

Job Number: 3618