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Job Description:

  • 1) Engraves specified characters on metal blanks of articles, such as trophies, trays, badges, and plaques, according to work order: Positions and locks blank metal plate in holding fixture beneath rotary cutting tool.

  • 2) Selects specified lettering template and places template beneath stylus attached to machine cutting tool.

  • 3) Turns knob on machine to set reduction scale to obtain required reproduction ratio on metal plate.

  • 4) Starts machine and guides stylus over template, causing cutting tool to simultaneously duplicate characters on metal plate.

  • 5) Cleans chips from metal plate, using airhose.

  • 6) Examines engraving for quality of cut, burrs, and rough spots.

  • 7) May increase or decrease depth of cut by adjusting height of worktable.

  • 8) May wipe acid over engraving to darken or highlight inscription.

  • 9) May assemble trophies, using wood base, bolts, and wrench.




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End Of Job Description for: "ENGRAVER, PANTOGRAPH II"
DOT:   704.682-014

Job Number: 3601