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Job Description:

  • 1) Sets up and operates pantograph engraving machine to engrave designs or lettering on engraving dies, nameplates, stamps or seals, following two or three-dimensional pattern or blueprint: Positions and secures pattern to workpiece on cutting table, using rule, square, calipers, and fixtures.

  • 2) Sets reduction scale and controls of pantograph to attain specified size of reproduction on workpiece and height, depth, and width of cut.

  • 3) Sharpens cutting tools on cutter grinder.

  • 4) Inserts cutting tool into spindle of machine and secures it with wrench.

  • 5) Starts machine and lowers stylus to beginning point on pattern.

  • 6) Guides stylus over pattern.

  • 7) Observes action of cutting tool and adjusts movement of stylus to ensure accurate reproduction and verifies conformance to specifications, using micrometers and calipers.

  • 8) May observe action of cutting tool through microscope.




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