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Job Description:

  • 1) Tests performance of new and overhauled aircraft engines, such as turboprop, turbofan, turbojet, and cylinder-type, and interprets test data: Positions or directs other workers in positioning engine on test stand, using hoist or overhead crane.

  • 2) Connects oil and fuel lines, instruments, controls, and engine accessories, such as generators, magnetos, and fuel injectors, using handtools.

  • 3) Connects testing instruments, such as dynamometers and manometers, to engine.

  • 4) Starts and operates engine for specified time at various speeds.

  • 5) Reads and records test data, such as speed, temperature, oil pressure, fuel consumption, and exhaust pressure.

  • 6) Calculates performance of engine at various speeds, using test data, standard formulas, computer or calculator.

  • 7) Signs off tested engines as ready for service or indicates reasons for rejection based on analysis of test data.

  • 8) Must be licensed by or perform work under licensure of Federal Aviation Administration.

  • 9) May operate computerized test equipment to enter, retrieve, and compute test data and be designated Test Cell Technician.




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