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Job Description:

  • 1) Applies decorative enamel to jewelry articles, such as pins, earrings, insignia, and award medals, using handtools and electric oven: Cleans jewelry in baths of acid and water, and scrubs surfaces with brush.

  • 2) Mixes ground colored enamel and distilled water, according to specifications.

  • 3) Applies enamel of various colors to designated areas of jewelry to form specified design, using spatula or pick.

  • 4) Places metal tray containing jewelry in electric oven to melt and fuse enamel to jewelry.

  • 5) Immerses jewelry in baths of acid and water to remove oxide scale.

  • 6) Rubs enameled surfaces with abrasive stone to smooth and remove excess enamel.

  • 7) Reheats enamel in oven to produce luster.




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DOT:   740.684-018

Job Number: 3557