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Job Description:

  • 1) Tends machine that imparts raised design or finish on cloth, coated fabrics, or plastic sheeting, by means of heat and pressure from engraved steel rollers: Adjusts automatic device that regulates heat, or turns valve to admit steam to rollers.

  • 2) Slides bar through center of material roll and lifts it onto machine feed brackets.

  • 3) Threads material between rollers and laps end onto takeup tube.

  • 4) Starts machine and moves controls to adjust speed, pressure of rollers, and tension of material.

  • 5) Observes material as it passes through machine to prevent seams, rolled selvages, or trash from damaging rollers.

  • 6) May guide material by hand.

  • 7) May verify temperature of roller, using pyrometer.

  • 8) May sew cuts of cloth together, using portable sewing machine.

  • 9) May be designated according to material embossed as Silk-Crepe-Machine Operator.

  • 10) May tend machine that imparts artificial graining, size, trademark, or other designs to sweatbands and be designated Sweatband-Decorating-Machine Operator.

  • 11) Important variables may be indicated by trade names of machine used.




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