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Job Description:

  • 1) Prepares bodies for interment in conformity with legal requirements: Washes and dries body, using germicidal soap and towels or hot air drier.

  • 2) Inserts convex celluloid or cotton between eyeball and eyelid to prevent slipping and sinking of eyelid.

  • 3) Presses diaphragm to evacuate air from lungs.

  • 4) May join lips, using needle and thread or wire.

  • 5) Packs body orifices with cotton saturated with embalming fluid to prevent escape of gases or waste matter.

  • 6) Makes incision in arm or thigh, using scalpel, inserts pump tubes into artery, and starts pump that drains blood from circulatory system and replaces blood with embalming fluid.

  • 7) Incises stomach and abdominal walls and probes internal organs, such as bladder and liver, using trocar to withdraw blood and waste matter from organs.

  • 8) Attaches trocar to pump-tube, starts pump, and repeats probing to force embalming fluid into organs.

  • 9) Closes incisions, using needle and suture.

  • 10) Reshapes or reconstructs disfigured or maimed bodies, using materials, such as clay, cotton, plaster of paris, and wax.

  • 11) Applies cosmetics to impart lifelike appearance.

  • 12) Dresses body and places body in casket.

  • 13) May arrange funeral details, such as type of casket or burial dress and place of interment.

  • 14) May maintain records, such as itemized list of clothing or valuables delivered with body and names of persons embalmed.




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