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Job Description:

  • 1) Operates elevator to transport passengers between floors of office building, apartment house, department store, hotel, or similar establishment: Pushes buttons or moves lever to control movement of elevator on signal or instructions from passengers or others.

  • 2) Opens and closes safety gate and door of elevator at each floor where stop is made.

  • 3) Supplies information to passengers, such as location of offices, merchandise, and individuals.

  • 4) May perform other duties, such as distributing mail to various floors, answering telephone, preventing unauthorized persons from entering building, and assisting other employees to load and unload freight.

  • 5) May sweep or vacuum elevator.

  • 6) May be designated according to location of elevator operated as Front-Elevator Operator.




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End Of Job Description for: "ELEVATOR OPERATOR"
DOT:   388.663-010

Job Number: 3514