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Job Description:

  • 1) Fabricates and finishes duplicate electrotype printing plates, according to specifications, using handtools, electroplating equipment, and metal casting, trimming, and forming machines: Forms plastic mold of composed type and cuts, using sheet-molding fiber and hydraulic press.

  • 2) Sprays mold with silver solution and immerses mold in plating tank.

  • 3) Separates mold from plated shell and fills back of shell with molten lead to form plate, using pouring ladle or casting machine.

  • 4) Removes excess metal from edges and back of plate, using power shear and milling machines.

  • 5) Examines plate to detect imperfect formation of halftone dots, lines, and type, using magnifier, and corrects defects, using engraver's handtools, punches, and hammer.

  • 6) Mounts finished plates on wood or metal blocks for flatbed presses or curves plate for cylinder presses, using hammer, nails, bonding press, or plate-curving machine.

  • 7) Removes excess metal from nonprinting areas of plate surface, using radial or cylindrical routing machine.

  • 8) May operate proof press to obtain proof of plate reproduction and registration.

  • 9) May revise plates to customer's specifications.

  • 10) May be known according to task performed as Electrotype Caster; Electrotype Molder.




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Job Number: 3508