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Job Description:

  • 1) Arranges layout of work stations for workers engaged in fabricating, processing, or assembling electronic equipment and components, such as semiconductor devices, printed circuit boards, chassis assemblies, and wire harnesses and cables: Reads specifications, such as process guide, bill of material, wiring diagram, mechanical print, and schematic diagram, to determine materials and equipment needed, such as component parts, chemicals and gases, tools, test instruments, and jigs and fixtures, for work stations.

  • 2) Prepares and submits requisitions for equipment, parts, or tools required to initially set up or resupply work stations.

  • 3) Positions materials and equipment in specified arrangement at work stations.

  • 4) May explain or demonstrate work procedures to other workers in fabricating, processing, and assembly functions.

  • 5) May perform fabricating, processing, or assembly work in absence of line worker.

  • 6) May set and adjust controls for processing, fabricating, and assembly line equipment, such as furnaces, process chambers, power supplies, timers, and multimeters.

  • 7) May test assemblies, using testing machines or instruments, such as meters, resistance bridges, and automatic component testers.

  • 8) May repair or rework assembled items by removing, adding, or replacing parts or resoldering or rebonding defective connections, using handtools or power tools.




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