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Job Description:

  • 1) Splices conductor cables used to lower electrical testing or surveying instruments into oil or gas wells or boreholes, using handtools: Unwraps armor strands from end of cable.

  • 2) Strips insulation from stranded conductor cable, using stripping pliers.

  • 3) Cuts ends of conductor cable, using pliers.

  • 4) Clamps cable ends together in vise to form butt joint.

  • 5) Solders joint, using silver solder and iron.

  • 6) Wraps joint with insulating tape to form smooth insulation of same diameter as original cable.

  • 7) Wraps armor strands over joint.

  • 8) Trims ends of armor strands, using cutters, to form smooth butt joints and solders joints, using silver solder and iron.

  • 9) May test conductor cables, using equipment, such as voltmeters and capacity and resistance bridges.




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End Of Job Description for: "ELECTRICAL-LINE SPLICER"
DOT:   728.684-014

Job Number: 3416