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Job Description:

  • 1) Inspects and tests electrical parts, assemblies, and accessories prior to installation in aircraft for conformance to specifications and quality standards, using precision measuring instruments and test equipment: Examines parts and assemblies, such as wire harnesses, control panels, coaxial cables, and electrical jig boards, for completeness of assembly, quality, and conformance to blueprints, production illustrations, engineering drawings, and specifications.

  • 2) Inspects wiring of assemblies for accuracy of stripping, soldering, and crimping, and for defects, such as frayed wires, loose connections, and cracks.

  • 3) Verifies wire and cable length, dimensions, and clearance of parts, using precision instruments.

  • 4) Tests continuity and performance of parts, assemblies, and accessories, using test equipment.

  • 5) Records acceptance or rejection of parts on inspection report, and indicates reason for rejection.




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End Of Job Description for: "ELECTRICAL INSPECTOR"
DOT:   825.381-026

Job Number: 3400