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Job Description:

  • 1) Repairs electric motors, generators, and equipment, such as starting devices and switches, following schematic drawings, and using handtools, coil-winding machines, power tools, and test equipment: Disassembles and removes armature, stator, or rotor from housing.

  • 2) Examines coil connections for broken or defective wiring.

  • 3) Tests coils, armatures, stator, rotor, and field coils for continuity, shorts, and grounds and insulation resistance, using test lamp, ammeter, and ohmmeter.

  • 4) Cuts out or removes defective coils and removes insulation from core slots.

  • 5) Cuts and forms insulation and inserts insulation into armature, rotor, or stator slots.

  • 6) Rewinds coils on core while in slots manually or makes replacement coils, using coil-winding machine.

  • 7) Installs and aligns prewound coils in slots, using hammer, drift, or mallet.

  • 8) Replaces defective coil leads and solders connections of coils in specified sequence.

  • 9) Examines bearings, shafts, and other moving parts for excessive wear or defects.

  • 10) Refaces commutators and machines parts to specified tolerances, using machine tools.

  • 11) Assembles and tests motor for specified performance.

  • 12) May be designated according to size of motor repaired as Fractional-Horsepower Motor Repairer; equipment repaired as Dynamotor Repairer; or part repaired as Armature Straightener; Coil-Connector Repairer; Commutator Repairer; Field-Coil Repairer; Stator Repairer.




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