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Job Description:

  • 1) Installs wire and safety thermostats in electric blankets, using shuttle devices, worktable, and wire shears, working as member of two-person team: Places electric blanket shell on worktable that contains illuminated surface panels.

  • 2) Observes prewoven channels in blanket shell, made visible by light passing through blanket shell, to identify channel openings.

  • 3) Threads heater element wire through channels of blanket shell, using shuttle device and working with team member at opposite side of table.

  • 4) Inserts thermostats with attached connecting wires into thermostat channels of blanket shell, using shuttle device.

  • 5) Cuts installed heater element wire at specified points, using wire shears, and fastens cut ends to connecting wires of thermostats to align and secure assembly for subsequent processing, using clamps.

  • 6) May inspect blankets to detect defects, such as closed channels or excessive blanket length.

  • 7) May cut out faulty wires and rewire blanket.




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Job Number: 3393