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Job Description:

  • 1) Dyes knitted socks and sample cloth, according to dye formulae, using sample dyeing equipment and steam table for verification that products conform to company specifications: Computes quantity of dyes required for machine of specified capacity, using desk calculator and dye formula.

  • 2) Gathers, weighs, measures, and mixes dyes and chemicals, using scales, graduated cylinders, measuring cup, and titration cylinder.

  • 3) Dyes individual socks, using steam table.

  • 4) Flips switches and turns valves and handwheel to prepare sample tub dye bath and adds specified quantities of acid and dye, to achieve required pH level and specifications for dye contrast and color intensity, to prepare sample cloth and sock to be inspected.

  • 5) Presses buttons to activate and deactivate drum of extractor to remove excess moisture from machine and dyed sample cloth.

  • 6) Submits dyed sample to supervisor for inspection.




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End Of Job Description for: "DYE-LAB TECHNICIAN"
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