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Job Description:

  • 1) Tends revolving drums in which barley is germinated under controlled temperature and humidity to produce malt: Couples drum spout to steeping tanks or to base of screw conveyors containing steeped barley.

  • 2) Turns valve or pulls lever to drop barley into drum or starts conveyor that empties barley into drum.

  • 3) Starts rotation of drum that mixes barley to promote uniformity of growth and temperature.

  • 4) Stops drum, following oral instructions.

  • 5) Unlocks and opens slide door, and starts drum rotating to dump barley onto conveyor.

  • 6) Crawls into drum and scrapes walls, using metal hook to remove barley.

  • 7) Washes drum with water, using high-pressure hose.

  • 8) May stand in pit under revolving drum and pull barley from drum, using metal hook.




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End Of Job Description for: "DRUM LOADER AND UNLOADER"
DOT:   522.685-058

Job Number: 3239