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Job Description:

  • 1) Tends drawing frames that combine several strands of sliver into one strand, distributing weight uniformly, and arranging fibers in parallel order: Pulls cans of sliver to creeling position.

  • 2) Threads end of sliver through guides, stop-motion device, drawing rollers, condenser, and coiler head, and into revolving can, or attaches sliver to preceding end by overlapping and twisting ends with fingers.

  • 3) Presses button to start machines, and patrols machines to observe flow of sliver and signal lights indicating machine stoppage caused by sliver break.

  • 4) Repairs breaks in sliver by matting and rolling broken ends together between thumb and fingers.

  • 5) Replaces filled cans of sliver from coiler head with empty cans.

  • 6) Notifies repair personnel of machine malfunctions.

  • 7) Cleans rollers with airhose.

  • 8) May oil machine.




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End Of Job Description for: "DRAWING-FRAME TENDER"
DOT:   680.685-038

Job Number: 3139