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Job Description:

  • 1) Tends machines and equipment that automatically mix ingredients to make straight and sponge doughs according to formula: Moves controls and turns valves to adjust metering devices that weigh, measure, sift, and convey water, flour, and shortening into mixer, and that measure and dump yeast, vitamins, yeast food, sugar, salt, and other ingredients into mixing machine.

  • 2) Turns knobs or dials to set mixing cycle time and maintain temperature of dough.

  • 3) Starts machine.

  • 4) Feels dough for desired consistency.

  • 5) Positions wheeled dough trough in front of mixer, opens mixer door, and starts mixer to rotate blades and dumps dough into trough.

  • 6) Pushes troughs of sponge dough into room to ferment for specified time.

  • 7) Dumps raised sponge dough into mixer, using hoist, and adds ingredients to complete mixture.

  • 8) Records number of batches mixed.

  • 9) May weigh and measure ingredients which are manually fed into mixer.

  • 10) May dump all ingredients into mixer by hand.

  • 11) May be designated according to type of dough mixed as Bread-Dough Mixer; Cookie Mixer; Dog-Food Dough Mixer; Doughnut-Dough Mixer; Pastry Mixer; Pie-Crust Mixer.

  • 12) May be designated: Cracker-Dough Mixer; Pretzel-Dough Mixer; Sweet-Dough Mixer.




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