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Job Description:

  • 1) Restores and preserves documents for libraries, archives, and private and public historical societies: Cleans document, using cleaning compounds to remove dirt and stains, and removes foreign matter, such as rusted clips, pins, rotted bands, and adhesives.

  • 2) Tests document to determine if ink is fast, and to what extent map colors will fade.

  • 3) Immerses document in deacidification baths to remove acidity from paper and ink.

  • 4) Places document on rack to dry.

  • 5) Reinspects document for presence of foreign matter.

  • 6) Dampens document, places it between absorbent boards, and places boards in screw press to evenly distribute moisture content in document, and flatten all wrinkles and creases.

  • 7) Seals document in cellulose acetate film and places document in laminating machine to be laminated.

  • 8) Removes document and hones, presses, and trims it to specified size.

  • 9) Places document in cover, folder, or binder.




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DOT:   979.361-010

Job Number: 3055