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Job Description:

  • 1) Controls equipment that dissolves and precipitates chemicals used in manufacturing chemical products, such as butadiene and styrene: Pumps chemical solutions through premeasuring tanks, dissolver tanks, and precipitator tanks, observes thermometers, and turns valves to maintain temperature in tanks within specified limits to dissolve and precipitate solutions.

  • 2) Starts tank agitator to mix solution for prescribed time.

  • 3) Titrates sample of solution and inserts hydrometer to determine acidity and specific gravity of product.

  • 4) Observes flowmeters and turns valves to regulate flow of ingredients through tanks to alter concentration and produce product meeting specified standard.

  • 5) Pumps or drains remaining solutions from precipitate and turns valves to transfer product for further processing, shipment, or storage.

  • 6) When controlling precipitator tanks only, may be designated Precipitator Operator.

  • 7) When dumping caustic soda cake into dissolving tanks and controlling tanks to produce solution of specified concentration, may be designated Bottom-Liquor Attendant.




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