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Job Description:

  • 1) Directs and coordinates field activities of workers who route and control flow of oil and petroleum products through pipelines from point of origin, such as wells and storage tanks to delivery points, such as terminals, carriers, refineries, and tank farms, according to delivery schedules: Reviews oil movement schedules and notifies field personnel, such as DISPATCHER, RELAY; STATION ENGINEER, MAIN LINE; and GAUGERS, by teletype, telephone, and field radio as to type and quantities of oil to be moved, facilities and storage stock to be used, destinations, operating procedures, and pumping and delivery schedules.

  • 2) Studies data on oil and oil movement, such as temperatures, pressures, specific gravities, sediment and contamination content, and pumping rates, and ensures compliance with schedules and contract specifications by dispatching instructions to field personnel to increase or decrease pumping rates and pressures, to switch and inject feeder streams of crude and blend oil, and to gauge and test oil.

  • 3) Compares pumping reports with delivery reports to ascertain quantity of oil delivered.

  • 4) Computes data for production reports and for instruction changes relative to pumping rates and pressures, using calculator and slide rule.

  • 5) When scheduling and directing movement of petroleum products through processing, storage, and shipping departments of refineries, may be designated Dispatcher, Refinery.




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