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Job Description:

  • 1) Plans and directs audio and video aspects of television programs, based on program specifications and knowledge of television programming techniques: Interprets script, rehearses cast, and establishes pace of program to stay within time requirements.

  • 2) Informs technicians of scenery, lights, props, and other equipment desired.

  • 3) Approves scenery, costumes, choreography, and music.

  • 4) Issues instructions to technicians from control room during telecast to keep them informed of effects desired, such as dissolves, long shots, medium shots, superimpositions, fade-ins, and fade-outs.

  • 5) May move controls to integrate material from multisite origins into live program.

  • 6) May direct news and special events programs.

  • 7) May direct program for live broadcast or for electronic video recording.

  • 8) May direct nonbroadcast television presentation, such as program for sales, medical, educational, or industrial purposes.

  • 9) May direct commercials.

  • 10) May operate viewing/editing equipment to review and edit program tapes, using personal knowledge of television programming and editing techniques.

  • 11) May key information into computer, using keyboard, to compile letters, memos, and other program material, such as scripts and notes.

  • 12) May be designated Producer-Director in small station.




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