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Job Description:

  • 1) Coordinates activities of job placement service for students and graduates: Develops placement office procedures.

  • 2) Establishes work loads, assigns tasks, and reviews results.

  • 3) Conducts in-service training program for placement personnel.

  • 4) Interviews applicants to determine qualifications and eligibility for employment.

  • 5) Assists individuals to develop employment plans based on appraisals of aptitudes, interests, and personality characteristics, and to plan curriculums accordingly.

  • 6) Contacts prospective employers to determine needs and to explain placement service.

  • 7) Arranges on-campus interviews between employers and graduating students to facilitate placement of graduates.

  • 8) Collects, organizes, and analyzes occupational, educational, and economic information for use in job placement activities.

  • 9) Directs maintenance of occupational library.

  • 10) Assists in conducting community surveys to gather labor market information, such as prevailing wages, hours, training, and employment possibilities.

  • 11) Coordinates program for analyzing campus jobs.




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End Of Job Description for: "DIRECTOR OF PLACEMENT"
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Job Number: 2942