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Job Description:

  • 1) Reads and interprets script, conducts rehearsals, and directs activities of cast and technical crew for motion picture film: Confers with ART DIRECTOR to ensure that music, sets, scenic effects, and costumes conform to script interpretation.

  • 2) Confers with DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY to explain details of scene to be photographed and to consider utilization of miniatures, stock film, inserts, transparencies, backgrounds, or trick shots.

  • 3) Schedules sequences of scenes to be filmed for each day of shooting, grouping scenes together according to set and cast of characters.

  • 4) Rehearses cast and suggests changes, using knowledge of acting, voice, and movement to elicit best possible performance.

  • 5) Informs technicians of scenery, lights, props, and other equipment desired.

  • 6) Approves scenery, costumes, choreography, and music.

  • 7) Directs cast, DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, and other technicians during rehearsals and final filming.

  • 8) May audition and select cast.

  • 9) May cut and edit film.

  • 10) May direct film on set in studio or on location.

  • 11) May direct film for television.




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