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Job Description:

  • 1) Plans, develops, and administers educational program of museum, zoo, or similar institution: Confers with administrative personnel to decide scope of program to be offered.

  • 2) Prepares schedules of classes and rough drafts of course content to determine number and background of instructors needed.

  • 3) Interviews, hires, trains, and evaluates work performance of education department staff.

  • 4) Contacts and arranges for services of guest lecturers from academic institutions, industry, and other establishments to augment education staff members in presentation of classes.

  • 5) Assists instructors in preparation of course descriptions and informational materials for publicity or distribution to class members.

  • 6) Prepares budget for education programs and directs maintenance of records of expenditures, receipts, and public and school participation in programs.

  • 7) Works with other staff members to plan and present lecture series, film programs, field trips, and other special activities.

  • 8) May teach classes.

  • 9) May speak before school and community groups and appear on radio or television to promote institution programs.

  • 10) May coordinate institution educational activities with those of other area organizations to maximize utilization of resources.

  • 11) May train establishment volunteers to assist in presentation of classes or tours.

  • 12) May develop and submit program and activity grant proposals and applications and implement programs funded as result of successful applications.




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