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Job Description:

  • 1) Tends tanks to clean lead bullets and coat bullets with wax: Scoops bullets into perforated drum and immerses bullets in solvent to remove chips and grease.

  • 2) Immerses bullets into molten wax.

  • 3) Presses buttons on portable control box to rotate drum.

  • 4) Empties coated bullets onto conveyor belt, closes cover of blower, and starts blower to dry wax and draw off solvent fumes.

  • 5) Examines bullets for defects, such as malformations, gouges, dents, or blunted ends.

  • 6) Discards defective bullets.

  • 7) Starts conveyor to dump bullets that conform to standards into tote boxes.

  • 8) Tests coating solution, using hydrometer, and adds solvent or wax to maintain specified viscosity.




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End Of Job Description for: "DIP-LUBE OPERATOR"
DOT:   503.685-014

Job Number: 2924