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Job Description:

  • 1) Tests, shapes, and smooths stamping die, using tryout power press and abrading handtools, until die members impart specified characteristics to sheet metal product: Studies blueprint of die and model of part, applying knowledge of die construction and flowing properties of metal under pressure.

  • 2) Installs die in press.

  • 3) Applies blue pigment to one die member and orange to other, and intermittently operates press through part of cycle to press die members together.

  • 4) Observes pigment markings to locate high spots.

  • 5) Secures press, using blocks, to prevent premature closing, climbs into open press, and uses powered hand grinder and handtools, such as scrapers, files, and abrasive stones, to remove high spots and shape and smooth die surface to conform to other die member.

  • 6) Adjusts press to allow for thickness of sheet metal workpiece and inserts model part.

  • 7) Repeatedly operates press.

  • 8) Observes markings on model part, and performs shaping and smoothing operations accordingly.

  • 9) Inserts sheet metal blank, operates press, and inspects and compares stamped workpiece with model part and customer's specifications, using measuring devices and checking fixture.

  • 10) May operate power shear to cut blank.

  • 11) May consult with superiors and other workers to solve metal forming problems.




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