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Job Description:

  • 1) Lays out, machines, and finishes impression cavities in die blocks to produce forging dies, following blueprints and applying knowledge of diesinking: Analyzes blueprint of part or die and plans sequence of operations.

  • 2) Measures and marks die block to lay out designs of cavities.

  • 3) Sets up and operates variety of machine tools, such as shaper, vertical turret lathe, and engine lathe to machine cavities in die block.

  • 4) May make and inspect sample lead or plaster cast of part to verify fit of die members and basic shape of part.

  • 5) May repair forging dies and be designated Die Repairer, Forging.

  • 6) May set up and operate machines to plane surfaces and edges of forging dies and be known as Edger Machine Setter.




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Job Number: 2888