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Job Description:

  • 1) Operates machine to cut out parts of specified size and shape from materials, such as cardboard, cloth, leather, mica, paper, plastic, or rubber: Places single or multiple layers of material on bed of machine.

  • 2) Turns handwheel to raise or lower head of machine according to thickness of material or depth of die.

  • 3) Positions one or more cutting dies on material or clamps dies to head of machine and positions material under dies to ensure maximum utilization of material.

  • 4) Depresses pedal or moves lever to activate ram that forces die through material.

  • 5) Removes cut parts from die or bed of machine.

  • 6) Measures parts with rule or compares parts with standard to verify conformance to specifications.

  • 7) Stacks parts in storage area according to size and shape.

  • 8) May sharpen cutting edges of dies, using file or hone.

  • 9) When operating machine to trim hat brims, is designated Rounding-Machine Operator.

  • 10) May be designated according to type of die used as Adjustable-Die Cutter; Solid-Die Cutter; or according to part cut as Sole-Leather-Cutting-Machine Operator; Toppiece Cutter; Trimming Cutter.

  • 11) May be designated: Beam-Press Operator; Box-Toe Cutter; Brim Cutter; Buckram Cutter; Cap-Parts Cutter; Double Cutter; Glove-Parts Cutter; Handbag-Parts Cutter; Hat-Parts Cutter; Heel-Lift-Beam Cutter; Helmet-Hat-Brim Cutter; Insole Cutter, Machine; Label Cutter; Leather-Novelty-Parts Cutter; Lining Cutter, Machine; Outsole Cutter, Machine; Shoe-Parts Cutter; Silk-Lining Cutter, Machine; Single-Beam Clicker; Sole-Cutting-Machine Operator; Top-Lift Cutter; Trimming Cutter, Machine; Twin-Beam Clicker; Upper Cutter, Machine.




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End Of Job Description for: "DIE CUTTER"
DOT:   699.682-022

Job Number: 2872