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Job Description:

  • 1) Sets up and operates diecasting machine to cast parts, such as automobile trim, carburetor housings, and motor parts from nonferrous metals, such as zinc, aluminum, or magnesium: Lifts specified die sections into machine, using chain fall or hoist.

  • 2) Bolts die section in position and adjusts stroke of ram, using handtools.

  • 3) Connects water hose to cooling system of die.

  • 4) Preheats die sections with torch or electric heater.

  • 5) Turns valves and sets dial to regulate flow of water circulating through die and to control speed of machine, based on size and structure of part being cast and type and temperature of metal being used.

  • 6) Blows metal fragments from die surfaces, using airhose, and brushes lubricant into die cavity and onto plunger.

  • 7) Hand ladles molten metal into chamber of machine when operating cold-chamber machine.

  • 8) Pushes button to close and lock dies and activate plunger that forces molten metal into die cavities.

  • 9) Removes casting after dies open automatically, using pliers or tongs.

  • 10) Inspects casting for defects.

  • 11) May inspect castings, using fixed gauges.

  • 12) May dip castings in water to cool them.

  • 13) May load metal ingots into melting furnace, and transfer molten metal to heated reservoir of diecasting machine, using hand ladle.




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