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Job Description:

  • 1) Drills minute channels in industrial diamonds for use in wire-drawing dies, using drill, lathe, and handtools: Positions diamond in chuck of lathe equipped with diamond-charged wire or forms wax cup around diamond by hand, fills cup with diamond dust mixture, and inserts steel needle into lathe to act as drilling tool.

  • 2) Regulates speed of revolutions and reciprocating action of drilling mechanism.

  • 3) Advances cutting point of drill according to specifications covering depth and contour of channel, working to tolerance of 0.

  • 4) 0001 inch.

  • 5) Examines depth and shape of channel with microscope and regrinds point of drill.

  • 6) Drills backout to prevent chipping surface of stone.

  • 7) Laps inner wall of channel by means of machine that revolves stone as rotating wire or needle rocks back and forth in channel, working to hole diameter tolerance of 0.

  • 8) 0000018 inch.

  • 9) Tests accuracy of die hole by pulling specified length of wire through die and measuring its resistance in Wheatstone bridge having readings translated into wire diameter or by taking a series of readings along length of wire with electronic micrometer.

  • 10) Secures stone in metal mounting, using molten solder.

  • 11) May drill cavity in face of stone to hold diamond dust mixture, by pressing pointed end of diamond chip against revolving stone, using pliers.

  • 12) May be designated according to operation performed as Finisher, Fine-Diamond Dies.




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