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Job Description:

  • 1) Cuts sections from rugs and joins sections together to form special size or shape rug, following diagrammed instructions: Reads instructions to determine rugs to be cut and obtains rugs from storage.

  • 2) Compares diagram with rugs spread on floor to estimate shape of required rug, lines along which to cut sections from rugs, and to visualize order in which sections can be joined to obtain required pattern.

  • 3) Computes area surface of sections needed to determine cutting lines.

  • 4) Measures and marks cutting guidelines, using tape measure, chalk, and yardstick.

  • 5) Guides portable electric cutter along chalkline to cut sections from rugs.

  • 6) Places cut sections upside down, matching edges, and nails sections to floor.

  • 7) Positions webbing tape over cutting edges, and spreads glue, using putty knife, onto tape so that glue seeps through webbing, adhering tape to backing material to seam sections together.

  • 8) Removes nails when glue dries, turns rug over, and clips uneven pile yarn along seams, using electric clippers, to make seams invisible.




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