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Job Description:

  • 1) Performs variety of tasks to prepare and disseminate school photographs: Reads photographer's work orders and records information, such as number of prints and type finish specified, as guide for processing film.

  • 2) Assigns control number to each order.

  • 3) Records customer charges on worksheet and submits to accounting department for billing.

  • 4) Sorts and bags film according to processing required.

  • 5) Cuts prints to prepare composite for group photographs, using chopping block, die, and mallet.

  • 6) Assembles composite and mails to picture service for processing of negative.

  • 7) Routes composite negative to printing section and records cost of composite service.

  • 8) Feeds specified photographs in gluing machine that automatically applies adhesive backing to photographs.

  • 9) Confers with photographers to discuss school programs available, costs, and shipping dates.

  • 10) Confers with customers to resolve complaints regarding missing or defective photographs.

  • 11) Cuts out, arranges, and pastes letters, numbers, and pictures to design advertising circulars.

  • 12) Maintains records indicating orders received, unit prices charged, and department earnings.




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