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Job Description:

  • 1) Directs and coordinates activities of county sheriff's department: Schedules work assignments and deployment of human resources in patrol division and transmits orders to subordinate officers for execution.

  • 2) Supervises investigations of narcotics traffic and auto theft, evaluates progress with investigators, and plans actions, such as raids, surveillance, or arrests.

  • 3) Issues funds to undercover operatives to buy information or contraband.

  • 4) Advises subordinates of procedures required to secure search and bench warrants.

  • 5) Reviews available evidence for suitability and consults with district attorney in preparation of grand jury cases.

  • 6) Develops departmental procedures to serve as guidelines for proper conduct of patrol division activities, based on legal information and previous law enforcement experience.

  • 7) Monitors effectiveness of procedures through follow-up with patrol officers.

  • 8) Reviews daily patrol activity log prepared by subordinates.

  • 9) Conducts meetings of patrol officers to evaluate operations and efficiency of squad members.

  • 10) Investigates civilian complaints against division members and determines action to be taken based on evidence secured.

  • 11) Disciplines division members for violation of intradepartmental rules and regulations.

  • 12) Resolves personnel problems of division members or refers problems to supervisor if no solution is found.

  • 13) Inspects firearms in division armory to ensure operational readiness.

  • 14) Collects and analyzes data on division activities.

  • 15) Prepares regular and supplemental budgets for division and submits to superior.

  • 16) Requisitions equipment and services for division and assumes responsibility for receipt of items.

  • 17) Writes reports concerning division activities and submits to sheriff.

  • 18) Addresses civic and educational groups on law enforcement subjects.

  • 19) Conducts training sessions in police training school and within division and assumes field command of division during emergency operations.




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